Taekwondo Training in Madrid | Spain Travel

I’ve spent one week training in Madrid, and so far it has been incredible! I’ve had the opportunity to train with so many great athletes from different countries and regions. The photo below is from last night’s group training at the CAR Madrid.


Training at CAR Madrid

We did some training drills and then had sparring rounds with different team members, finishing off very tired, sweaty, and motivated!  Today we’re also sparring with another team from here in Spain. I’m learning so much and hope to keep improving. As a Taekwondo athlete from the US, we rarely get opportunities like this in the states, so I’m trying to take advantage of it as much as I can.

I’m going to be here in Madrid training for one more week, and then will fly to go compete at the Austria Open next weekend! I’m excited for all these new adventures and love all the kind, amazing people I’m meeting. It’s kinda crazy to me to think about how much I’ve gotten to travel this past year. Just in the past year I’ve visited: Canada, Mexico, Korea, Argentina, Israel, and now Spain! I feel very grateful that my sport allows me to travel and learn so much about the world. Now I’m off to the next training session!


Touring Spain with 2 of my new friends from the Brazil Team!

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