I Finally Did It 6

I’ve been telling myself I’ll do this for quite a while now. To be specific, at least 8 months. I kept searching for the right things to include in my first blog post: the right topic, words, photos, experiences, the list could go on. And even then, how would I share it and let others know about my blog? Would they like it? Would they even care to read it? All these thoughts were enough to just let another week pass by.

These insecurities about success or failure are what often hold us back from attempting things we want to do. We make up countless excuses to put in our own way. But at some point, you’re just going to have to let them all go. Every single one.


So I am.

Just like when I was 11 years old and I’d come up with 100 different injuries I could pretend to have to skip a drill I wasn’t good at. One day, I had to grow up, roll my eyes at myself, and try anyway.

I want to write this blog in hopes of reaching others and help them on their way to achieving their goals. I know how hard it can be to want to give up on your dream, to convince yourself you don’t need it, that you’re not good enough. And I also know the rewards of holding on just a little bit longer.

So I’ve decided to take the risk of failing, and am committing to writing once a week. Cause with that risk comes the possibility, no matter how big or small, of success. Now that risk has created an impatient curiosity to see what could happen and is enough to get me past my fears of failure.


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6 thoughts on “I Finally Did It

  • Chjara

    Samery, I must say that you are totaly awesome. Just as you, I’m a Taekwondoist. You know, for a long time I have been presuring myself, and injuring mentally, telling myself that I was no good, that anybody else would do so much better than me. But, fortunately, I had (and still today) an incredible man by my side, who were used to believing in me: my coach. Althrought, it’s only today that I actually realize that I was wrong.
    All this to say that, you really inspire me. When I saw you kicking for the first time I was like “Oh my god, I wanna be just like this girl” ! And I have decised to make you being my new (and first).”taekwondo inspiration”. Today I have become stronger than I was, and I hope it’d never stop.

    So, thank you for being such a strong person and inspiring us all,
    Chjara, 17yo, from France.

    • samerymoras Post author

      Chjara, thank you SO MUCH for that uplifting comment. I love hearing from others, and hearing that I was able to inspire someone to do something positive for themselves keeps me motivated. I’m so happy you’re proud of who you’ve become and I hope you continue reaching forward.

      I wish you all the best,