How to Learn from Failure 2

How did I already fall behind in my goal of posting once a week? Simple answer- I let life get in the way and didn’t make the necessary changes that were required to accomplish it. But its okay.

One of the biggest obstacles I see in my students is them thinking because they fail once or a few times, that they themselves are failures. They see me coming home with medals now, but not ever the disappointing years that came before this. You don’t really understand the concept of perseverance until you have lived through it. As a child, I remember going to tournaments time after time and losing. I remember watching all my other teammates get medals and everyone being so excited for them. It drove me crazy. I’d hope and pray every single time that somehow everything would line up, it would be my day, and I could win even just one fight. Didn’t happen.

But instead what did happen is who I am now. Most of those teammates are no longer competitors. Most of the tournaments they competed and won in were only local. But in my mind, the fact that I couldn’t succeed was all that mattered. I wouldn’t trade all those years of failure for anything. Because in those years what was happening was that I was building myself. I developed a desire for success that now leads me to know nothing can ever stand in my way. My work ethic is so determined because I know I can’t want results without being willing to give everything I’ve got during training. My mind is now what takes me to accomplish each goal, earn every medal, and live the adventures of my dream.


Was it hard? Absolutely. Losing again and again can take a huge toll out of your self-esteem and confidence if you let it. However, the hardest part was deciding to make a change, to break out of what I was doing to prepare, to change my mindset, and become comfortable outside of my comfort zone.

So if it’s you that’s considering giving up, that this isn’t something you really want anyway, that maybe you that you’re just not good enough. Don’t. Make changes to improve, but don’t ever let failure win.

I know I won’t. 🙂

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