Visiting Suwon | Spending a Month in Korea


The 2015 World University Games came to an end– what an unforgettable experience!!
(I’m the shortest on in the picture below haha)


We got a ride to the airport from our US Team, and then we were on our own!


The first thing we did was figure out the whole transportation system to get to our hotel. We each had 3 big bags to drag everywhere, plus one of us has a broken hand from fighting, so this really became a challenge. Plus not to mention everything and everyone only speak Korean!

8 hours of traveling + 3 trains + 2 taxis later, we made it to the hotel!

The hotel is wonderful!!

It’s got a great fitness center to workout in and lots of kicking room too!

We get to stay here training for a week until I fight at the Korean Open on July 22nd. This is all possible thanks to my incredible sponsor,, I’m so grateful!!




There’s also been some challenging parts to this trip. We brought a bunch of cooking supplies with us to Korea, as eating out all the time gets expensive and unhealthy (I have to stay on weight!). We went out and bought groceries so we could start cooking our meals. We had a hot plate, pan, blender, and rice cooker. As soon as we got back we got to work, maybe a little too quickly cause we made some electricity conversion errors and are down to a rice cooker now. :/

However, we decided to make the most of this challenge.Thanks to advice from our mothers and Google, we’ve learned the endless possibilities we have from a rice cooker! Today for lunch we made a delicious pasta with chicken, spinach, red peppers, tomatoes, and cheese.


Tomorrow we’re going to try an egg frittata 🙂 Who knew all the things you could make in a rice cooker??

I only have 5 days left until I travel over to Chuncheon to weigh in and fight at the Korean Open, a G2 event. I’ve now been away from home for 2 weeks and am really starting to get homesick, missing my family, home, and students. However, I understand this is all part of the journey and a sacrifice I have to make as I work towards my goals. I’m staying focused and positive, ready to grow and learn on this adventure.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this!


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