7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

Social media is AMAZING.

It’s like having a whole world of people right there for you to meet!IMG_4562

I started my Instagram account some 180 weeks ago; it seemed like the next best thing after Facebook. I randomly posted a picture of my dog, a cool new jacket I got, and whatever else I thought I should share with my new 30ish followers. A few weeks later I started posting some pictures of me kicking, and I noticed these got significantly more likes than my regular posts. It was when I started getting into the 50- & 60- like category that I realized these posts of me in Taekwondo were really gaining me attention from random fellow Instagrammers.

So I made the choice to turn my Instagram into a professional athlete Instagram to promote myself, my beliefs, and help share my passion of Taekwondo.

And I’m now at 11, 900 followers. Woah!

As part of my passion to spread Taekwondo and make it into a ‘real’ sport, I’ve decided to share some things I’ve learned on my way to the almost 12k.

  1. Presentation – You have got to present yourself well. This includes your username, your ‘About Me’ section, and display photo. If people see a username with katie092418920394, you don’t sound terribly interesting. I use my full name because I want people to know it, and then I add ‘TKD’ because it’s what best fits me.My ‘About Me’ section goes:


Right off you can tell I’m gonna be that motivational, super into health and fitness, loving-life kind of person. Follow if you can keep up.

  1. Post Quality Photos – One giant reason people will follow you is to look at your posts. You’ve got to get creative with your photos and videos. Change up your angles, go somewhere unique, and do something that makes a statement. There’s definitely a balance you have to figure out between quality and quantity of posts, but I always try to stick closer to quality.
  2. Be Authentic – The next reason people will want to follow you is to hear your voice. This can be through your own personal thoughts, or what I tend to do is find an amazing quote that summarizes my life right then. Always remember to give credit!Speak your mind. Share your thoughts. Represent yourself.
  3. Inspire & Interact – What’s the point in posting unless you’re adding positivity to this world? Inspire others to try their best at accomplishing their goals, just like you are. Interact with your followers too, say ‘THANK YOU!’ to their kind compliments, listen to their questions, and give them your honest advice when it’s necessary. Also, don’t respond to those negative people and their rude comments, let them enjoy that elsewhere.
  1. #Hashtag – First thing, hashtag as a separate comment, not right in the caption. #No #one #likes #to #see #this. But # the heck out of everything- anything you can think of that people might find you through.
  1. Find What Works for You – Pay attention to the time of day you post, what kind of posts get more likes, and what hashtags work. This does require some experimentation, lots of success and failures. Feature your strengths, those will set you apart from the others and will inspire the most.
  1. Be Patient & Persistent – As with all things in life. Keep trying new ideas. You have no idea how many times I post a photo I think is cool and I only get 25% of the likes I expected. Stand by your post and thoughts and try again next time. After all, it’s only Instagram. 

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