Warrior Within You 4

A few days ago, Jared Reed and I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ashley Blake Photography & Sweet Pixels Utah and take some amazing pictures! It was such a fun and different experience than what we’re used to, but the end result was simply POWERFUL.

        “There is a warrior within you.”

              – Beau Taplin

I recently read this quote and it completely seemed to summarize all of my raw emotions when looking at this photo. A warrior is, by Google’s definition, “a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.” Every fight, difficulty, and obstacle in my life has led me to develop and strengthen the inner warrior in me.

When I was younger, I never felt I fit the qualities of a fighter. This became more prevalent in my sparring matches because I was not terribly aggressive and I saw that reflected in my normal life as well. I was timid, fearful, and insecure. 12191419_892544240781581_5016250544170677838_n
I’ve met a lot of people who feel stuck in their personalities. We might all be able to find some quality about us we’re not terribly in love with.
It’s our responsibility to develop and grow in positive ways; to become 886063_562395460581828_4505530449475466710_ostronger and reach new heights in our character.

I developed myself as a fighter by immersing myself into being a Taekwondo athlete, throwing myself into living my fears until I was able to overcome them and grow into the person I am today.

I found the warrior in me.

And so can you.

I wish such a big thank you to Ashley Blake Photography & Sweet Pixels Utah for helping us create such strong photographs with all of your amazing talent!
Here’s a few more of my favorite photos from the shoot!

12063774_892544340781571_6023568058508628823_n11228521_562395323915175_8120001824424694175_o 12140736_892544614114877_5563779455155429899_n
Credits go to:
 Hair – Emily Helen
Make Up – Niche Makeup
& Of course my partner in crime… Jared Reed 🙂


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