My Training Headphones: 66 Audio BTS Sport Product Review

As a Taekwondo athlete, headphones are a MUST-HAVE to me for when warming up at competitions. I don’t know about you, but before a match I love to listen to some pump-me-up songs by Eminem that make me feel like I can do anything. I’ll have to make a playlist later about my favorite songs to listen to before I go out to fight.

But as you can see, this is something that’s pretty important to me. Why? Because having a great pair of headphones helps me get in that zone- it gets all my energy up and ready to kick butt– or heads… :/

Because of this, I’ve tried many types of headphones- anywhere from the ones that come with your iPhone to noise-cancelling Bose ones I got for my birthday. But my absolute favorite headphones to use when I work out are these 66 Audio BTS Sport ones– by a longshot.

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 11.43.44 PM.png

So why are these my favorite? Easy. Not only do they sound great, but they are easy to use, are the perfect size, and my favorite part– they actually stay on!

Easy to Use – All you have to do is literally pair the headphones with your phone through Bluetooth and slide them on your ears. On the sides they have buttons so you can control the sound and skip through songs. They come with a charging cable which you hook up to your computer. Also, the battery is able to last through how forgetful I am to remember to charge them… Haha. To be specific, online it says 25 hours of continuous playback and 400 hours of standby time. Oh and yes, these ARE wireless. Have I told you how much I love them??

Perfect Size – Personally, I really don’t like how small the headphones that come with your iPhone are. I remember I used to always throw them in my backpack and then spend so much time looking for them when I needed them later. I also didn’t like the big bulkiness of larger headphones because they take so much space. This is why it’s hugely valuable to me that they are really the perfect size. They also come with a carrying case that makes it so I can conveniently take them to all of my workouts easily. YAY!

They Stay On!! – I can’t tell you how annoyed I used to get when a headphone would fall out of my ear as I was running. Or when I was warming up before a competition and I’d be kicking and get caught up in wires connecting my headphones to my phone. These are a lifesaver!! As you can see in my video below, I can do all sorts of workout with these without them falling off! I love that they let me focus on my training and competitions so that I can think about the fight on the mat rather than on my ears. 😀

Check out a quick training video I did with these below!

If you want to check these out yourself, feel free to CLICK HERE or on the link below. If you use the discount code “SAMERY” you’ll get a percentage off 😉

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