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We all remember playing a good old game of Scrabble with our family or friends for a night. There were ups, and downs, frustration, and rejoicing when you cleverly placed letters in the perfect spot to gain a huge amount of points. Little did you know, there are 4 important lessons we can all learn from Scrabble. Here they are:

  1. Knowing Random “Words” Can Help You

Okay, so maybe it’s not a direct translation from Scrabble to Business. But, remembering those crazy words that you learned in spelling and vocabulary tests back in 5th grade can come in handy for this game. Just like random knowledge or knowing certain people can help you in business. Use everything you’ve learned and create it into an advantage.

  1. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment

You have all the letters to spell out ‘quizzify,’ but you’re waiting for just one more ‘z’. You pass up a few turns waiting for that final letter and as the game continues, your cousin puts down a word in YOUR triple-bonus-point spot! Frustration, disappointment, and anger all come rushing in. Just as in business, if you keep waiting until something is ‘perfect,’ you may end up missing opportunities. It’s a cutthroat world out there, and everyone is just as hungry as you are. Maybe a project or idea doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect before you start working on it—maybe it can be a small win that adds up to that big win.


  1. Be Smart About Your Decisions

Of course, this one should be a given. But is it? Sometimes we make important business decisions without thinking them through. Is it really the best option we can take, or the easiest to deal with for now? What’s in it for the long run? What about waiting to use your Scrabble letters ‘no’ for more points with a ‘knows’?

  1. Creativity is Key

Look at the letters you have, then rearrange them and look at the in a different way. If you keep looking at them in the same order, you’re never going to think of anything new or grow! Same thing with business, get fresh opinions, talk to people, and rearrange your thoughts now and then. You never know what kind of crazy, awesome word you may come up with!

Hopefully this article made you think about how important these Scrabble nights really are for your business career. Play hard, work hard!

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