Ted Talk Review: Every Kid Needs a Champion

I’ve been a martial arts instructor for about 8 years to many kids anywhere from ages 3-18. In this time, I’ve had a first hand view of how different ways of interacting with kids can get them to learn. While I was watching Rita Pierson’s TED Talk, “Every kid needs a champion,” I greatly understood how developing relationships can affect students. If you haven’t watched the video yet, I would recommend doing so before continuing reading. Click here to watch the video.


Rita Pierson states this quote towards the end of her speech, about how every child deserves a champion to help them. She explains how as instructors, we all have the great opportunity of becoming a champion in a child’s life. In an example, she tells us about how her own mom helped many kids as she was a school teacher growing up. She did small things for them to help them out in life, such as providing snacks or soap and washcloths to low income families. At her funeral years later, they all came back to let her know how huge of an influence she had on all of their lives.

Through hearing her words, I have now decided to become that type of champion in my own student’s lives. My challenge to you is to also commit to giving all you have to each child and helping them find the opportunity to ‘become the best they can possibly be.’


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