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Have you noticed how on the news & social media recently, everything is so negative about the election? Though I don’t necessarily ‘love’ our choice of candidates this year, I don’t like the negative connotation that is being pushed upon us from so many familiar sources.You can see this in so many places, starting with social media.

IMG_1069.PNGFor example, BuzzFeed posted this image on it’s Instagram just a few weeks ago. BuzzFeed is very common for Millennials to follow as it has a lot of viral content, funny memes, and is seen as a relatable news source. Seeing this kind of post seems funny at first, but when you really think about it you notice the consequences of it’s negativity. They  make it seem like it’s the ‘cool thing’ to do to avoid being involved with any of the politics this year. One user known on Instagram as @judylandess left a disapproving comment as you can see below:


“Disappointing! You should be educating followers about the debate instead of encouraging people to not pay attention. This is exactly why we get awful people in office, when mainstream media is constantly telling people that “politics and economics are boring”, it makes the most important voters lose ineteres and look stupid when they feel blindsided by the bad things that happen. Seriously, use your influential power a little more carefully.

Another example can be seen by an article published on the Washington Post titled, “For Millennial Voters, the Clinton vs. Trump Choice ‘Feels Like a Joke.'” Seeing this type of attitude in all these different places that are so familiar to us makes us accept that this is normal now. This is going to be leading to decreased participation of Millennials in this election, which is tough as we are the current largest generation.

As I previously mentioned, the choices this year aren’t the greatest in my opinion. But this doesn’t mean we should avoid it and separate ourselves from this mess. This actually means we SHOULD get more involved. We have to be in charge of who is ruling our nation and become a part of it. If not for this presidential election, for future ones or the other more local or statewide elections. This is exactly what the media and government doesn’t want us to do- but it’s our responsibility!

Everyone should be learning, researching, getting involved somehow with our government. I challenge everyone to take one step towards getting involved this week!

Let’s see how much we can impact America!



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One thought on “Millennials & Voting

  • JessSimonsen

    Ooh I really liked the comment by @judylandess! So true. The only reason I’ve cared about this election is because of all the drama and conspiracy theories behind it. It’s so messed up.