Holiday Gift Guide for Martial Artists 5

Not sure what to get a martial arts-obsessed friend or family member? Here’s a list of some great gift ideas I put together that Martial Artists would LOVE to see under the tree on Christmas.

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  1. Workout Clothes

    century-rashguard-samery-morasThe thing you have to know about martial artists is- we workout. A LOT. And if you’re like me, you run around in workout clothes most days of the week. Here are some of my favorite workout clothes that I can’t get enough of.

    On the left I’m wearing a Women’s Base Layer Tee from Century Martial Arts. I love the Holiday Sweater print because I’m all into being festive during this time of year. I’m not kidding, just the other day I requested Christmas music to work out to during our sparring training… haha.

    The other tees shown below are actually my own designs!  As you can see, I like to keep my clothing fun, positive, and strong- like all men & women should be! If you’d like to order one of these, you can visit my shop here.

    And lastly, if you know me pretty well, you may know I am OBSESSED with leggings 🙂 But seriously, who isn’t?! cariloha-leggings-samery-morasI decided to share about the one that’s been my favorite in my whole closet these past few months. It’s the Bamboo Geodot Athletic Legging from Cariloha. My top 3 favorite things about these leggings is how absolutely soft and stretchy they are, the cool pattern that looks great when you wear them, and that they are made of bamboo viscose!
  2. Uniforms

    There’s no argument that every martial artist appreciates a nice new uniform. However, if you’re not too familiar with martial arts, you may have to do some research to see which uniform is right for the style they practice. This list includes a Taekwondo Sport Poomsae uniform, a Taekwondo Sparring uniform, and a Karate Competition Fighter uniform.
    The first one we have is the Sport Poomsae uniform from Mooto. This uniform is worn at all the Sport Poomsae competitions for Taekwondo, and varies in color depending on your age category & gender. It has such a nice crisp feel which makes your moves look clean in competition. This is the uniform I have used every time I have competed in Poomsae.

    The next two uniforms are fighting uniforms. The red, black, and grey one is from Century Martial Arts. It is the C-Gear Competition Fighting Uniform and is super light and comfortable- essentials for being a fighting athlete. It comes in the color shown below and also in grey/black.

    The uniform on the right is the Extera S5 Fighter Uniform from Mooto. This is the uniform I wear everytime I compete because I love the quality and, great news- its WTF approved for anyone wanting to attend higher level competitions. It’s also super light and I love how quickly it dries between matches.

  3. Nunchucks (or similar Martial Arts weapons)

    Some martial arts styles use weapons. They’re fun to learn and teach you so much about coordination, control, and knowing how to use objects to protect your body. My favorite weapons are double nunchucks and I love the competitive, performance part of weapons. The nunchucks pictured on the left are my Samery Moras Signature competition nunchucks. These are great because light, fast, AND they morph color when lights hit them. If you’d like to order a pair, you can visit my shop here 😀
    Some other fun weapons are bo staffs, kamas, sword, eskrima sticks, sais, and more.

  4. Training Gearpink-century-martial-arts-kicking-bag-samery-moras

    Another great gift idea are things to complement their training, especially when they can’t get to the dojang or dojo and have to work out at home. This year, I got a brand new Pink Kicking Bag from Century Martial Arts 😀 😀 😀

    I’m not usually a big fan of pink, but this was SO cute, I just had to have one, haha. BTW- this is a limited edition item (I’m not sure til when) so you may want to jump on it fast if you do want one. You can also use the code “PINK10” to receive 10% off.

    If your martial artist is a fighter, you could also look into some new Sparring Gear as a gift! It is SO appreciated when you get new gear. Usually, sparring athletes keep the same gear way past its use and lifetime because getting funds to travel and attend competitions takes priority. I recently updated my gear with some new sparring gloves, feet guards, and hogu. The kind shown below is also from Century Martial Arts- and the brand is ProSpecs, which is WTF approved for high level competitions.
    Another fun idea would be Martial Arts shoes. Most martial artists train on their bare feet, but we can also wear special shoes on the mat that we use to practice with. As you might know, I am in LOVE with neon colors, so the shoes I wear are neon green and from Mooto. They also have Neon Pink, Neon Orange, and Neon Yellow. If you’re not as crazy about neon colors like me, they also have regular colors as well, haha.


  5. Sport Essential Oils

    My last gift suggestion is one of my favorites, and can be a great stocking stuffer! Just this year, I discovered Komega6 Sport Essential Oils. These oils are specially great for athletes and are a completely natural way to improve performance and training.

    Komega Oils - Samery Moras.pngThey have 4 different oils, but my favorites are Rest Easy & Metabolic Lift. I’m a full-time college student, own 2 Taekwondo schools, and am also a world-ranked Taekwondo athlete. In order to accomplish all of these things, I need to make sure I’m well rested each night so I can keep up with my day. I use Rest Easy to relax and fall asleep each night so I’m not stressed about everything I have to do. I also like Metabolic Lift when I have to cut weight for competitions 😀 haha. Also, you can use the special code “SAMERY” to get 20% off when you order online, OR they’re also available at or on Amazon!

    I hope this list gave you some ideas for what to get your martial artist as the best Christmas present this year! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or if you have any other ideas that should be added to next year’s list.

    Happy Holidays! 😀



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5 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Martial Artists

  • Salma

    This is Salma from Oman. I started to learn taekwondo 2 months ago. I like this sport. I feel light and stretching excerises are very helpful .
    Your videos are awesome. I watch them very frequently. I have only one uniform the white one and I would like to get other colors.

    Thank you all the best

  • Dennis Kim

    A quick question: how do you go about buying the mooto poomsae uniform? I followed the link in the article but it only had the Korean currency on it. How can I buy it with dollars?


  • Tanya

    Hi there. 🙂 I too practice Martial Arts, but it is Aikido. I have been practicing Aikido for about 12 years since I was 8 years old. My friend used to practice Taekwondo, but now does Hapkido. If I ever need to think of getting her a gift, i at least know i can go here and get one for her. I love your videos, but i was just hoping that there was a martial art gift for people who did Aikido as well. Its fine though cause I know most martial arts handle those things you presented, and Aikido is a unique martial art that does not deal with kicks.
    Maybe you should do videos where you try different martial arts! That would be nice to see you trying them and seeing different concepts and ideas of the martial art you are trying.
    I remember when i tried Hapkido once, i thought since it looked similar to Aikido and assumed it would be easy to get the hang of. But it is quite different, more agressive in a way. It is also effective but still different concepts.

    Best of luck and continue to train hard. I shall be doing the same!