4 Ways to Help You Actually KEEP Your New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I purposely decided to wait on posting about New Year’s Resolutions until a little bit after the whole craze passed over. About 1 in 4 people fail to maintain their New Year’s Resolutions past the first week. If that’s you, or if you want a little extra help in working towards your goals this year, then here are 4 ways to help you actually keep your New Year’s Resolutions this 2017.


1. Write Plans Down

We’ve all heard that one quote- “If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal – you have a wish.” Well, there’s actually some truth to this. Not only should you write down your goals, but you should write down your plans of how you’re going to get to these goals as well. It’s easy to dream about things we want to change, but it takes a lot of work to actually get to them. If you have a game plan, you’re a lot more likely to get closer to those goals.

For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, then start off your first week with making it a goal to eat a certain number of fruits or veggies each day, or by removing a type of junk food like chips or ice cream off your diet. The following week, you can add to your goal to get yourself closer. I’ve created a FREE printable worksheet to help you write down your goals each month. This is a great tool so you can plan out  monthly goals to help you achieve your year-long resolutions.


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2. Create Reminders

If you were to look around my room, you’d notice a wide array of motivational quotes and pictures all on my walls and furniture. I even have a specific board which has memories or positive experiences and a list of goals I’m working towards. Now, this isn’t just because lately I’ve become Pinterest and DIY crazy, but because these things actually remind me of what I’m working towards. I can’t avoid looking at these reminders because they’re RIGHT in front of my face- on my walls, on my dresser, on my clothes, on my phone’s screensaver… You get the idea. I run into motivational phrases and ideas so often that they become subconsciously ingrained into my subconscious. This is great because I’ll find positive thoughts coming up more frequently as I go throughout my days.


3. Track Progress

Day by day, you won’t notice. But over time, small changes add up to huge ones. Keep track of your progress towards your goal. Then take the time to compare every so often. When I’m weight-cutting, I’ll weigh myself once each morning and write down my weight for the day. After a few weeks, I start noticing some differences and it gets me more motivated to keep going. You can do the same thing towards any goal you might have, you just have to get creative about how you’re going to keep track of the progress.


4. Create Motivation

My favorite way to stay motivated? It’s to create it myself. So many of you guys send me messages thanking me for motivating and inspiring you. Quite honestly, I think you all motivate me more than I do you, haha. You’ll find the same goes if you try it. If you aim to create a positive atmosphere with those around you and motivate others to achieve their goals, you’ll find it helps you stay inspired, too.

Creating motivation changes your attitude about your goals and about life. You find more reasons as to why you want to achieve your goal and why you want to work for it. So anytime you find yourself feeling down or not wanting to get to work, create some kind of motivation for others and you’ll find yourself start to get a little bit excited again.

Let me know if you found this useful. I’m so excited about this new year 😀 Here’s a quick YouTube video I did on a recap of my 2016, and everything I’m looking forward to this 2017:

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