The Taekwondo Kicking Challenge! A Fun Training Game to Practice 1

The only way to improve is to learn and practice! However, it’s not always the most fun thing to practice the same thing over and over again, so it’s fun to mix things up to stay motivated for training! I came up with this game as a fun way of practicing kicks & moves.

The Kicking Challenge is essentially a whole bunch of different challenges you can play against a friend or a group.  There’s a list of challenges like Most Roundhouse Kicks in A Minute, Longest Jump with a Flying Side Kick, etc. I made a printable of a whole list for ideas that can be downloaded below! All you have to do is print, cut them out, put them in a hat or a bag, and get ready for FUN training!


The Kicking Challenge Game

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Feel free to switch these up based on your team’s abilities, and add in any on the Free spaces! I’d love to see YOUR videos/pics of your version on The Kicking Challenge! Make sure you send them to me through some form of social media!

I challenged Jared Reed to compete in The Kicking Challenge with me, and it was a blast! Watch below to see who won 😉



Need some more ideas of how to make training & practicing more fun? Check out this video for 20 Ways to Practice Round House Kicks.

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One thought on “The Taekwondo Kicking Challenge! A Fun Training Game to Practice

  • Tanya

    Hi there. 🙂 I too practice Martial Arts, but it is Aikido. I have been practicing Aikido for about 12 years since I was 8 years old. My friend used to practice Taekwondo, but now does Hapkido. She would tell me how fun Taekwondo is so when I found your videos, it was nice to see someone who is humble about their martial art.

    There are times when someone finds out that I do think it is waste of time, which is quite sad. Aikido to me is not there to teach one to be violent or to be a fighter, but is to build good relationships with people around you. Because Aikido looks fake to them, they seem to believe that Aikido is not effective. Aikido does work for me and it is probably because I trained very hard for many years. Also, there are those who would wish for you to show them what you can do. I usually just say sorry no and walk away. How would you deal with people like that?

    An idea i thought you should do with your videos is where you try different martial arts! That would be nice to see you trying them and seeing different concepts and ideas of the martial art you are trying.
    I remember when i tried Hapkido once, i thought since it looked similar to Aikido and assumed it would be easy to get the hang of. But it is quite different, more agressive in a way. It is also effective but still different concepts.

    Best of luck and continue to train hard. I shall be doing the same!