5 Tips for Working Out in the Summer

Summer is my favorite time of the year! However, it’s also way hot and working out might be the last thing on your mind. Read below for some tips to keep you motivated to work out this summer!

1. Take Advantage of the Mornings

There is nothing I love more than breezy summer mornings. The weather is perfect, it’s bright out, and it’s such a lovely opportunity to start off the morning with a workout. This is not only great to get you going for your busy day, but it’s also a good choice to avoid sunburns and overheating. Some of my favorite morning activities are to go on a jog, stretch, or do a core workout. This is great to add to your morning routine and it’s so nice to clear your head and take care of your body.

Samery Moras Taekwondo Stretching Fitness Utah Morning Workout Tips

2. Stay Hydrated- Even if You Don’t Like Water!

Drink water! Make sure you stay safe by drinking water and electrolytes- specially if you plan on working out or being outside a lot. I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go and just make a habit to take a drink every so often. If you’re like some people I know and aren’t a fan of water, try mixing in something that your taste buds will like. One option that I like and use are the MiO Liquid Water Enhancers. They’re easy to carry around and have so many flavors- they even have some with electrolytes & B-vitamins.


3. Wear Weather-Appropriate Attire

It’s HOT! Make sure you’re dressed to stay cool & protected in the summer weather. Get creative with wardrobe ideas. This tip can also be a big motivation tool to help get you going when you don’t feel like working out. I always feel so much more ready and excited once I’ve gotten my workout clothes on.



4. Workout with Friends

Exercising can be a hassle sometimes. Make it fun! Get a friend or two and it’ll turn into a fun group activity that’s healthy for everyone. Put some music on and make it a party. This will also help you keep each other accountable for working out.

Samery Moras Taekwondo Stretching Fitness Utah Morning Workout Tips 2

5. Post Photos

This last one is way fun! I post a lot of my workouts on my Instagram cause it’s fun to share them with my followers. This helps get everyone motivated to work out and it’s super fun to look through what everyone else is doing. This month, I came up with an Instagram Challenge so we can all train and progress over the summer. Each day has a different activity to post about. If you’d like to receive a copy of this Instagram challenge, just make sure to fill out the form below.



I really hope this helps you get a little more motivated to work out this Summer. This is my favorite season, and I’ll be sharing some other summer tips like good smoothie recipes. 🙂

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