The BEST Resource for Becoming A Better Martial Arts Instructor

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions about how to become a better Martial Arts instructor. I always blog about my Taekwondo training & tips, but I’ve also been an instructor since I was 16 years old. As Martial Artists, we are taught to have a growth mindset and always strive to improve. The greatest resource that I’ve found that keeps me growing and improving as an Instructor is the Martial Arts Supershow. 

Earlier this month, I went to the Martial Arts Supershow (this is my third time attending) in Las Vegas. The Supershow is a huge conference for Martial Artists & school owners that has seminars on so many topics led by the top Martial Arts leaders in the world. I learned so much valuable information from all the speakers and school owners that were there that I want to share a bit of my experience to anyone who may not have heard of this event before. Here are my top 4 reasons why I think this is the best resource for becoming a better martial arts instructor:

1. Motivating Classes & Seminars

Every single year, my Martial Arts school takes our team of Instructors to the Martial Arts Supershow (you can see us in the photo above). Everyone gets a schedule of the seminars they will attend. Some of my favorite topics that have been covered in seminars are:

– Learning How to Teach Different Age Groups
– How to Best Instill Life Lessons in Class
– Specialized Classes for How to Teach: Sparring/Extreme Martial Arts/Kali
-Active Shooter Self-Defense
– Stretching with Bill Wallace
– Transforming Kids into Leaders

There’s so many more that I’ve loved, but I can’t name them all 🙂 My favorite thing about these seminars is they provide you a new perspective or a different way of doing things while teaching. This is incredibly useful because you get fresh ideas of how to better reach and help your students. The presenters that are selected are true experts in their topics, and you can ask them so many questions after because they are very willing to help.

I still remember the first time I walked into a seminar by Melody Shuman and how I ended up with several pages of notes. She was amazing at teaching us about the different development stages of kids and how you can use that knowledge to best reach them. She gave us so many examples of age-specific drills that I’ve now used and love.


2. Getting to Meet & Talk to Other Martial Arts Instructors, Leaders, & School Owners

This was my first time meeting Brannon Beliso. He is a humble martial artist and owns 2 very successful schools in California. One of my favorite things about him is his belief of “Always being a student and never a master.” He created the kids life skills programs, One Merit Badges & Excellent kids. I knew who he was through Facebook as he regularly posts content about how to help people through martial arts. His advice & tips has helped guide me as an instructor & school owner before, so it was awesome to meet him in person and ask more questions! 😀

This is another great thing about the Supershow- you talk to so many people involved in Martial Arts and there is always something you can learn from someone. It’s such a great way to build relationships and help each other!


3. Inspiring Perfomances by Amazing Martial Artists

Every year during the Supershow, there’s a really cool Opening Ceremonies that everyone is invited to. Last year, we had the opportunity to watch Ernie Reyes World Action Demo Team perform– they were outstanding! This year, we got to watch the Paul Mitchell Team do an awesome show filled with incredible tricks, weapons, and forms demos by people like Mackensi Emory, Tyler Weaver, and Jackson Rudolph. Every year has unique performances followed by an inspiring talk from a keynote speaker. This is memorable because you get so motivated seeing the dedication & experience shared by everyone on stage.


4. Learning about New Martial Arts Products & Services

There are a huge number of booths on the main floor of the Supershow. I talked to each booth throughout the weekend and discovered so many new products I hadn’t heard about yet. The first one pictured above is FingerArmor. How many of you have held a board for a student and gotten a powerful kick delivered right to your fingers? 😀 Someone found a solution for this and now you can purchase these to keep your fingers nice and safe!

Some more cool products are the Century Plyo Boxes. These are my FAVORITE & I use them all the time for training. (I filmed a video of some plyo box drills if you want to watch.) We also got to check out the 20/20 Armor electronic gear and see how it works. There are so many new products that can make training & teaching better for both you, your school, and students!


As you can see, the Martial Arts Supershow is a great opportunity to keep improving yourself, whether you’re a martial artists, instructor, or school owner. I’m planning on going back next year and look forward to fresh ideas and motivation from all of the world’s top martial arts experts. It’s such a great experience to be surrounded by amazing people!

Hope to see you there!!

P.S. Leave me a comment if you’ve ever been to the Supershow or are planning on going!

Martial Arts Supershow Information can be found HERE.

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