The Pros of Working at Coffee Shops

I’m kind of a latecomer to the whole working at the local coffee shop on your laptop thing. I don’t live in the city (though I’ve always longed for it), so I don’t think it’s as common. Or maybe I’m just behind on this typical life habit. Anyway, this past weekend I finally got it all together and met some friends up at a coffee shop to get some much needed work done.

I didn’t want to go to a typical Starbucks, so I randomly googled ‘coffee shops to work at in salt lake city’ and found this super useful site that may help you out, too: (No, this post is not sponsored). The cool thing about this site is it shows you pictures, tells you about wifi availability, outlets, food, etc. It’s like a Yelp, but for people that want to get stuff done. I looked through some photos and decided on a cafe called Nostalgia Coffee.

So, after finding this to be quite the positive experience, I decided to share my top 3 pros of studying/working at a cafe in case anyone has yet to try it as well.


1. Motivation –  I’m a firm believer in creating your own motivation.

I think we all do better when we’re inspired to work, rather than ‘just getting it done.’ But we can’t sit around waiting for motivation. So if it’s something as simple as going to a coffeeshop to work that will motivate you, then do that. This motivated me this time, because it’s something different than being stuck in my room or office to edit videos or write blog posts.


2. Food & Coffee – Does this even need an explanation?

Alright, this one is easy to think about. Whether you’re using each bite of a delicious crepe as a reward for getting another paragraph of an essay done, or simply using caffeine to stay awake, a cafe has a multitude of options. I really enjoyed my chocolate-strawberry-whipped cream crepe that I got from Nostalgia Coffee. It literally lasted me my whole visit.

Although I don’t drink coffee, I LOVE the smell of coffee. The whole place smelled so cozy and productive. They also had other options, like unique teas and healthier choices like hummus & veggies for those more health-conscious than me right now 🙂


3. Meeting People & Group Work – Being Surrounded by Productive People

It’s always easier to focus when in an environment of people that are also working. The coffee house I went to had some large tables that worked great for our group. We also met some cool people (great networking opportunities) that we first shared our table with while waiting for our group to arrive.

I’m lucky to have friends that enjoy meeting up and working on our own individual tasks while spending time together and bouncing ideas off each other. A place like this is ideal cause you can meet up and enjoy each other’s company in a place where you’re not as likely to get distracted.

I hope this blog post helped you in some way to keep up with your work.

Do what you need to do to work towards your goals!

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