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If you want to start vlogging your adventures, you probably have no idea what equipment you need or how to start- at least that’s how I was. I vlogged on my iPhone 6 for a few months, before realizing the toll it took on my battery life & storage space. I was ready for an upgrade, but needed some serious help in decision making. Hopefully, I can help with that!

Here’s a list of what equipment I use and would recommend to beginner vloggers & YouTubers:


I use 2 cameras and I’ll tell you about both. My first camera was the Sony Alpha a6000. I love it cause it’s a mirrorless camera and is very competitive with other DSLRs, but is just as good– especially for the price.

Sony Alpha a6000

I recently invested in the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II cause I wanted to flip-up screen. I love it and use it for vlogging all the time, where I use the Sony a6000 for more sit down videos or tutorials when I want better quality.

For someone just starting out, I would recommend the Canon G7X if you’re pretty focused on wanting to vlog.

Canon G7X Mark II



I use 2 tripods to film. One is a small tiny one that can be taken anywhere. The other one is larger, but useful for videos I want to perfect.

Small Tripod: Manfrotto Mini Tripod

Large Tripod: Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

Editing Software

When I first started editing videos, I used iMovie. Now that I want to do a bit more with my videos, I use Adobe Premiere Pro.


Vlog Music

I get music from all kinds of places. Just make sure they are not copyrighted ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s 2 places I’ve been using lately:

NoCopyrightSounds – They have a great selection, specially for training songs!

Base Rebels – No Copyright Music – I’ve been using their songs for vlogs a lot lately.



To be honest, I only have this microphone cause my friend got it for me. But it’s soo good! Audio can make or break a video- so invest in a nice microphone like this one!

Sony Stereo Microphone

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any specific questions. I’ll keep updating it as I learn & improve as well. Hope this list helps you!

My YouTube channel for examples: Samery Moras YouTube Channel


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2 thoughts on “Best Vlogging & YouTube Video Equipment for Beginners

  • Gary

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    Been searching the web and it’s inundated with products, so thank you for the insights based on your experience. I’m interested in learning how to VLog or just plain video my TKD training so I, and others, can critique me for performance and technique. Might get a chance to do that in our dojang.