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If you’re wanting to get more flexible to be able to have higher kicks, trust me, you’re not alone! And no matter what you tell yourself, it’s NOT too late, you’re NOT too old, and you’re NOT too inflexible to start learning how to improve your flexibility.

Below are 3 of my favorite tips for learning how to get higher kicks. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can check out my follow-along video on my YouTube channel, here’s the video:


3 Tips for Higher Kicks

These tips apply to any of the following kicks: Round House Kick, Side Kick, Tornado Kick, Hook Kick. I do Taekwondo, but it can apply to Karate or other martial arts as well

  1. Keep Your Body Aligned (Don’t Stick Your Butt Out!)

    The first thing you will have to learn is what the correct & incorrect body alignment is for kicking. A lot of people try to compensate and stick their butt out so their leg can go higher, but this leads to bad technique, lesser power, and it’s bad for your body! Below is a good and bad example:

  2. Lift your Knee Up Higher (High Chambers)

    Next tip, use your chambers to help set up your high kick. Don’t forget to chamber & re-chamber your kicks properly. Keeping your knee down low will drop your whole kick’s target. In my YouTube video, I go through different exercises using a martial arts belt as an aid for keeping your knee up and aiming your higher kicks.

  3. Use Your Hips!

    This last one is often forgotten. Notice how in the picture below I’m pointing towards my hips, which are going to push my kick higher. Extend your whole body so you can get max power and max height. Remember not to crunch your body in or stick your butt out, keep everything aligned!

Hopefully these tips were helpful to you achieving the higher kicks you are looking for. Let me know in a comment what belt you are in what style of martial arts, and what you are working on learning next!

I’ll see you over on my Instagram or YouTube channel!

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Higher Kicks | Taekwondo Sidekicks

  • Gary Collins

    You’re absolutely right, Samery. One is not too old or too inflexible. I started TKD last May, just days shy of turning 56. I couldn’t see my toes, much less reach them. I can now pancake my head to my knees and perform about a 80% split, seated middle, kick higher than my head and continuously perform roundhouses to my shoulder level. I’m impressed. Keep making these vids and I’ll keep making nice comments. C U in D.C., I’ll bring my camera.

  • Jasmine clark

    Goood master how are you doing ,my name is Jasmine clark im the founder of Jinwaun elite academy of martial arts beibukan karate, im trying to improve my kicking technique with my hips i had surgery on my hips because of dislocation at birth