6 Things You Can’t Miss When You Visit Antelope Island

I’ve always loved going on random, last-minute adventures to explore what’s around me. In my high school days, I used to get in a car with my then-boyfriend and we’d pick a random lake to drive to to spend the day at. I missed this feeling of sporadic adventure, so over the weekend I called up some of my friends (just kidding- texted) to see if they wanted to join on a mini-roadtrip with me. Sunday morning we all got in a car and took off to explore Utah. The first (and only) stop we decided on was Antelope Island- a place none of us had previously visited.

Time to Visit: We spent a total of 3 hours there.

Cost: $8 for one car

If you’d rather watch my Antelope Island Travel Vlog, click here.

Below are my top 6 things about Antelope Island that you won’t want to miss when you visit there.

1. See the Wildlife – Buffalo, Antelope & more!

We pulled over at the nearest view area and right away spotted a buffalo! With most of us spending most of our days indoors, it was cool to get out the norm and see some cool creatures we aren’t used to being around us. There were quite a few buffalo roaming around and we got to see them from a safe distance and take pictures with/of them. Later on when we were in a different part of the island, we also saw an antelope and were able to get just a few feet away from him while he walked around.



2. Cotton Field

I’m not certain how long cotton season lasts, but we went in May and were excited to see a bunch of cotton flying around in the air and all over the ground. You can find this place at the Cattle Ranch towards the end of the island.


We made cotton angels and had lots of photo opportunities!


3. Ladyfinger Point

Make sure you grab a map at the visitor center and keep it handy because there’s not a lot of signage as you drive around. We completely missed Ladyfinger point on our drive in, but were so glad we found it before departing. It’s a super short hike/walk that leads to a beautiful view on the rocks. It’s great for photos and taking in the scenery.

4. Gnats/Insects

Alright, this one isn’t something you’ll like, but it’s one you can’t forget. TAKE INSECT REPELLENT. The first time I went to Antelope Island, we couldn’t even leave the car cause there were so many spiders walking around everywhere! This time there were no spiders, but there were gnats EVERYWHERE. I can’t honestly tell you how many gnats we must have swallowed while walking around. Different areas have more than others, but most of the island has gnats flying around your face. It’s been a few days later and I still have quite a few tiny teeth bites on my arms that itch! Be prepared!

5. Walk in the Shallow Water / Beach

This may have been my favorite part of the trip. The water was cool enough for the hot day and shallow enough to wade around in and take pretty photos. You can walk pretty far out and have the water stay under your knees. The beach area is also nice to play in the sand in.

6. Fielding Garr Cattle Ranch

The cattle ranch has so many unique places to look at. If you’re interested in history, this is the place for you! You can see old stables, where the sheep got sheared, a blacksmith shop, an old cellar, and more.

We also got to play around and try and see how we were at throwing a lasso. We failed! However, it was a blast trying!


Overall, this visit to Utah’s Antelope Island was great for a day trip with friends. There was so much to see and the travel wasn’t that far to get there. We spent about a total of 3-4 hours at the park and that was sufficient fun for us. Afterwards, we ate at Cracker Barrel right outside the park on our way back.

Hope this was good info for you and that you get a chance to enjoy Antelope Island as well! I’ll leave a link to my YouTube video down below if you’d like to get a better idea of what it’s like!


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