This year, I purposely decided to wait on posting about New Year’s Resolutions until a little bit after the whole craze passed over. About 1 in 4 people fail to maintain their New Year’s Resolutions past the first week. If that’s you, or if you want a little extra help […]

4 Ways to Help You Actually KEEP Your New Year’s ...

It’s Monday!! 😀 Okay, so maybe not everyone is excited about Mondays as I am. I get it, the weekend is over, it’s back to work, or school, or whatever other responsibilities you might have. However, you know you’re going to have to go through Monday anyway, so you might as […]

4 Awesome Quotes to Motivate Your Monday

Have you noticed how on the news & social media recently, everything is so negative about the election? Though I don’t necessarily ‘love’ our choice of candidates this year, I don’t like the negative connotation that is being pushed upon us from so many familiar sources.You can see this in […]

Millennials & Voting

I’ve been a martial arts instructor for about 8 years to many kids anywhere from ages 3-18. In this time, I’ve had a first hand view of how different ways of interacting with kids can get them to learn. While I was watching Rita Pierson’s TED Talk, “Every kid needs […]

Ted Talk Review: Every Kid Needs a Champion

Social media is AMAZING. It’s like having a whole world of people right there for you to meet! I started my Instagram account some 180 weeks ago; it seemed like the next best thing after Facebook. I randomly posted a picture of my dog, a cool new jacket I got, […]

7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

  The 2015 World University Games came to an end– what an unforgettable experience!! (I’m the shortest on in the picture below haha) We got a ride to the airport from our US Team, and then we were on our own! The first thing we did was figure out the […]

Visiting Suwon | Spending a Month in Korea