Basic Kicks You Should Know if You Are a Beginner in Sparring Are you thinking about starting sparring in Taekwondo, or have you just begun this new adventure? Learning how to spar can be both a scary and exciting activity. One of the things you can do to help you […]

5 Basic Kicks You Should Know for Beginning Taekwondo Sparring: ...

I’ve always loved going on random, last-minute adventures to explore what’s around me. In my high school days, I used to get in a car with my then-boyfriend and we’d pick a random lake to drive to to spend the day at. I missed this feeling of sporadic adventure, so […]

6 Things You Can’t Miss When You Visit Antelope Island

If you’re wanting to get more flexible to be able to have higher kicks, trust me, you’re not alone! And no matter what you tell yourself, it’s NOT too late, you’re NOT too old, and you’re NOT too inflexible to start learning how to improve your flexibility. Below are 3 […]

Tips for Higher Kicks | Taekwondo Sidekicks

Disclosure: Some of the links below may include affiliate links, however, all opinions are my own.   If you want to start vlogging your adventures, you probably have no idea what equipment you need or how to start- at least that’s how I was. I vlogged on my iPhone 6 […]

Best Vlogging & YouTube Video Equipment for Beginners

I’m kind of a latecomer to the whole working at the local coffee shop on your laptop thing. I don’t live in the city (though I’ve always longed for it), so I don’t think it’s as common. Or maybe I’m just behind on this typical life habit. Anyway, this past […]

The Pros of Working at Coffee Shops

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions about how to become a better Martial Arts instructor. I always blog about my Taekwondo training & tips, but I’ve also been an instructor since I was 16 years old. As Martial Artists, we are taught to have a growth mindset and always […]

The BEST Resource for Becoming A Better Martial Arts Instructor