Incredible. If I had to describe my experience in Taiwan with just one word, that’s what it would be: Incredible. But, let’s start at the beginning of the story. The reason I went to Taiwan was because I made it on to the 2017 US Collegiate National Team. I was […]

Visiting Taipei for A Week | My Taiwan Adventure during ...

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions about how to become a better Martial Arts instructor. I always blog about my Taekwondo training & tips, but I’ve also been an instructor since I was 16 years old. As Martial Artists, we are taught to have a growth mindset and always […]

The BEST Resource for Becoming A Better Martial Arts Instructor

Part of 1 of a 3-part series of my Taekwondo Story. Part 2: Why I Continued & Part 3: Why I’ll Keep Going – will be coming out later this month! My story as to why I started Taekwondo isn’t your typical one. Most of my friends who are Black […]

My Taekwondo Story: Why I Started

There is nothing I love more than breezy summer mornings. The weather is perfect, it's bright out, and it's such a lovely opportunity to start off the morning with a workout. This is not only great to get you going for your busy day, but it's also a good choice to avoid sunburns and overheating. Some of my favorite morning activities are to go on a jog, stretch, or do a core workout.

5 Tips for Working Out in the Summer

I’m writing this post in hopes of possibly helping someone who’s going through an injury or an obstacle. Note this: You will get through this. You CAN do it.  —————————– Today marks 8 weeks post-surgery for me. Thank god. Two years ago, I injured my ankle during a training session […]

Surgery: How To Deal with Injuries & Making the Best ...

If you're at all like me, or if you're trying to prepare for your first Martial Arts competition, this list of items to NOT forget may come in handy! I'll start with some more obvious items that might accidentally slip your mind as you're getting ready, and then move into some other ones I've learned about through different competitions.

10 Items You do Not Want to Forget to take ...